Over 3,700 incidents of violence against women reported in 2021

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Nearly 1,250 females, including minors, were raped in year, says rights body Bangladesh Mohila Parishad  

A total of 3,703 women and girls were subjected to different forms of violence including rape and murder in 2021, according to a report by rights body Bangladesh Mohila Parishad.

Some 1,235 females were raped in the last year. Of them, 1,028 females, including 629 girls, were raped, 179 females, including 62 girls, were gang raped and 31 females, including 22 girls were killed after rape, said the report published on Monday.

Bangladesh Mohila Parishad President Dr Fouzia Moslem and its General Secretary Maleka Banu launched the report at a media call in Dhaka.

The rights organization compiled the statistics based on the reports ran by in 13 national and regional newspapers.

According to the report, 155 females, including 93 girls, were subjected to rape attempt while 33 females, including 14 girls, were subjected to sexual assault while 95 females, including 62 minor girls faced sexual harassment.

Besides, acid attacks were carried out on 22 women, including five girls, while four of them succumbed to their burn injuries.

The report also said that 23 females, including three minors, were subjected to burn injuries and of them, 10 succumbed to their injuries.

Meanwhile, 180 females, including 153 minors, were victims of abduction while 11 others were subjected to such attempts.

Forty-two females, including six minors, were trafficked while 46 women, including 32 minors, were harassed at different times.

The report also said 138 females, including a minor, were subjected to physical torture for dowry and of them, 45 were killed for dowry.

As many as 208 females, including 58 minors, suffered physical torture while 444 females, including 114 minors, were killed for various reasons.

Eighty-seven women, including 19 children, were subjected to murder attempt while 427 females, including 131 minors, died under unclear circumstances, said the report.

A total of 121 female students, including 43 children, committed suicide while eleven attempted to commit suicide.

There were incidents of 327 child marriages across the country while 63 females, including 23 children, were victims of cybercrime.

There were 260 incidents of child marriages in Kishoreganj district alone while 1,242 incidents of child marriage were reported from Tangail in the past one and half year.

Source: Dhaka tribune



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