Women in action

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I travel a lot. Travelling is not my hobby, it is a lifestyle for me. I also have to travel for my work.

I love to call myself a travel and landscape photographer.First school. Photo: Tarek MahmudFirst school. Photo: Tarek Mahmud

I am currently working as a documentary photographer with an international humanitarian organisation.Cattle rearing. Photo: Tarek MahmudCattle rearing. Photo: Tarek Mahmud

During my trips I have seen women at work, both in home and outside. They actually do all sorts of work to support their family.'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. Photo: Tarek Mahmud‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’. Photo: Tarek Mahmud

Generally, in our society, some physical work is considered a man’s job. People think women cannot do those because they are not physically as strong as a man.The largest forex earners. Photo: Tarek MahmudThe largest forex earners. Photo: Tarek Mahmud

But I found that this is not true, women can work anywhere if they want, and they do.Food processing. Photo: Tarek MahmudFood processing. Photo: Tarek Mahmud

Here in this photo story, I have tried to portray some of them. 

source: the business Standardhttps://www.tbsnews.net/feature/focus/women-action-229174?fbclid=IwAR0HOwnTDlRrjA-uhX6v9DHEFDqk1ww1Z_tCBenjJ6YG8XsNHOmJfILXCKk



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