4,315 women and children suffered in 2 months: MJF

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Some 4,315 women and children in the country became victims of violence during the months of August and September, said a new report of Manusher Jonno Foundation.

Of them, 99 percent were victims of domestic violence — 56 percent ofwhom were abused by close family members, the report said.

It found that among perpetrators of this violence, 89 were addicts, 72 miscreants, and 53 employers. Political party activists, students, supervisors, and socially powerful peoplewere also among the perpetrators.

MJF interviewed 72,645 people in 174 upazilas of 59 districts over August and September to find out how women and children were faring in the current Covid-19 situation, said a press release sent yesterday.

Of the respondents, 46,521 were women and 26,124 children.

The survey found 4,428 incidents of domestic violence took place in August and September.

Of the victims, 1,980 faced mental abuse, 1,244 were victims of physical abuse, 1,164 faced economic abuse, and 40 were victims of sexual abuse.

During the survey period, 1,081 children, both girls and boys, became victims of domestic violence.

The report added that 1,767 women and 872 children were new victims of violence.

MJF conducted the survey through 96 of its partner organisations, the release stated.

Source: https://www.thedailystar.net/backpage/news/victims-violence-4315-women-children-suffered-2-months-mjf-1980977



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