Internet is the black hole for feminist

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Yes, many times. I have been the subject and topic of many who enjoy hurting and bullying other people through the internet. These people have sadness and pain in their hearts, that’s why they also prey on and victimize other people, while saying those words she was crying.

She was not doing a relationship nor it’s an act of revenge on her but she faced those things every day because she was feminist. In this situation women and especially young with interested in feminism are the main targets. Women asserting their views online and women in power are also particularly at risk. After cyber violence or hate speech, women have long-lasting psychological, physical impact and sometimes their families also suffer from the victim. Most of the perpetrators of the case are adult and young people on social media and half of them are known to their victim, she added.

Female bloggers and writers who are vocal on social issues and women’s rights are now being targeted specifically for their views, with entire online groups ganging up on one woman. The editor of the feminist blog, WomenChapter, says that her whole Facebook wall two days ago was inundated with offensive comments using the “F” word in retaliation to some of her posts. “I know who the people are but in a country where are police beat activists protesting sexual assaults, what justice can I expect?”

Women blogging about politics or identify as feminist also face great risks of online abuse. A study realized in five countries, including European countries, shows that 73.4% of the respondents, women with a political blog, had had negative experiences during their blogging or social media use. Most of these experiences involved abusive comments as well as stalking, rape threats, death threats and even threats about offline encounters.

It is not justified to impose the criminal activities of a woman on feminism as feminism does not support any kind of criminal activity.  Feminism only suggests women to be aware of their rights. Since the beginning of civilization, male persons have been considering females as weak. And the trend is still going on. Most of the time women become victims of repression.  A conscientious person will speak out against it. They will want the elimination of this system. And it is natural. 

We should not follow the trend regarding feminism as we must aware of different aspects of feminism. Then discrimination will be removed. We should study feminism if required.



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